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The Healy

The wearable for Holistic Health, Wellbeing, and Vitality.
Healy is an advanced gadget based on artificial intelligence,
quantum science, and cloud computing.

What is Healy

Positive Effects of Microcurrents







The Technology

As the cell membrane voltage decreases, the number of sodium ions (Na+) in the cell increases. This phenomenon is called hypernatremia. If the cell membrane potential changes from -90 mV towards 0 mV, healthy young cell degenerates towards its death. By providing suitable microcurrents, this unwanted change in potential can be reversed.

Seal of Approval

100% Money back guarantee within 30 Days In India and 14 Days for other Markets.
Healy technology was developed in Germany
High-level security communication technology between smart phone and Healy
Created in collaboration with doctors and practitioners

Healy Pink App

This app has 229 programs categorized in 25 program pages. Each program uses one of the 3 supplied electrodes to provide microcurrents to cells with

HealAnalyse Advisor App

It is also called the Resonance app or the Blue App. It can do both Aura and Resonance Scans of the information field of the profile of humans, animals, plants, buildings, etc. It can send

Healy Advisor App

It can quickly and easily suggest to you the Healy frequency programs for you. Its connection to the HealAdvisor expert database in the HealAdvisor Cloud ensures that the

Healy Watch App

Healy Watch is a digital lifestyle wearable that measures and evaluates various vital parameters. By advanced monitoring technology and algorithms, the Healy Watch interprets

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